Treating Ocular Allergies

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Treating Ocular Allergies

Treating Ocular Allergies

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Ocular allergies or eye allergies usually occur when your eye conjunctiva comes in contact with something you are allergic to. As a result, your immune system responds by sending antibodies which cause allergic reactions in the form of itchy, red, swollen and watery eyes.

Allergies always tend to worsen during certain seasons when pollen and mold accumulate outside. Ocular allergies pose no threat to your vision other than effects like temporary blurriness and discomfort, but if they are persistent, you should see an ophthalmologist for ocular allergy treatment as continued discomfort could result in bacterial infection risk. You should also schedule ocular allergy testing to rule out other infections that come with the same symptoms but can be a threat to your eyesight.

Ocular allergy testing

If your symptoms are persistent, ocular allergy testing can eliminate the possibility of serious infections that could be a threat to your vision. Your ophthalmologist will perform an allergic test on you to evaluate environmental allergies and rule out other more serious infections. These tests will help your doctor determine the exact cause of your allergic reactions and help him to prescribe appropriate treatment for you.

If you have persistent ocular allergies, make sure to visit your ophthalmologist and let him give you the best and most effective ocular allergy treatment for your condition.

Ocular allergy treatment

Ocular allergies have become a very common condition affecting at least 20% of the American population. Some ocular allergy treatments could help relieve the symptoms, and they include.

1. Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is one of the most effective proven treatments of ocular allergies. This treatment can be effective in the treatment of eye allergies and is a preventative for recurring allergies. Immunotherapy treatment comes in the form of shots and pills and is used to destroy allergens that set off allergy symptoms.

2. Artificial tears. Artificial tears help clean allergens from the eyes providing you with relief from ocular allergies. This treatment is easily accessible even without a prescription and is effective in dry eyes relief.

3. Antihistamine. This ocular allergy treatment is effective and can prevent eye allergies. Packed with antihistamine and a must cell-stabilizer, an antihistamine can provide significant relief to red eyes, burning and tearing.

4. Corticosteroids. Steroid eye drops are another effective treatment which can be prescribed along with other treatments. Eye steroids are effective in treating allergic effects like red eyes, irritation, and swelling.

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