Advantages to an SOG Knife

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SOG Knife

Advantages to an SOG Knife

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SOG knives trace their origins back to the jungles of Vietnam when US Special Forces started carrying a unique knife into combat during covert operations. These forces were part of a classified unit known as MACV-SOG. In the mid-1980’s, SOG Specialty Knives was founded, and their first model was based on the original Bowie knife carried by those heroes of MACV-SOG. Those blades were put to the ultimate test in the jungles of Southeast Asia, making them ideal survival knives and that military history and influence lives on in these knives today.

Spring Assisted Opening

Most SOG folders are equipped with SOG Assisted Opening Technology. This feature uses high tension springs to allow the user to easily open the knife with one hand. Once the user starts to open the blade, the system kicks in to finish the opening process smoothly and quickly. Rugged conditions often require a one-handed operation, allowing the user to keep their other hand free to complete dangerous tasks safely.

Locking Technology

SOG knives that use their Arc-Lock technology are very popular due to the system’s inherent speed and safety. This lock works for right-handed and left-handed users and is well known for its strength, having been tested at over 1000 pounds of force. The lightning-quick opening operation is complemented by an equally fast closing operation, and without compromising on safety. The mechanism is highly durable, and cleaning is easily done, resulting in a blade that will operate at a high level for a long time.

Steel Heat Treatments

SOG blades undergo a unique cryogenic heat treatment, reducing the temperature of the steel to -300 F before allowing it to warm back up to room temperature. This treatment strengthens the structure of the material, resulting in steel that is tough and durable and a blade that stays sharp and resists wear and tear. A SOG blade will stand up to harsh punishment and be ready for more the next time you need it.


Most SOG fixed blade knives come with all-weather Kydex sheaths which are designed to exacting standards for ease of use and blade protection. These sheaths have rigid belt loops to allow for extraction with just one hand and can be used ambidextrously. They also contain rub strips to protect the blade and reduce wear, and even have holes for water to escape to keep the blade as dry as possible.

Easy Grip Handles

SOG owners will notice how the DigiGrip Variable Pattern Handle allows for a comfortable and secure hold of the knife. No matter the weather, this material allows the user to be confident in their grip and is another big reason for the popularity of the SOG knives for sale on the market today.

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