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National Organizations for Youth Safety® (NOYS) is a coalition of nearly 70 national nonprofit organizations, business and industry partners, and federal government agencies that all address the health and safety of youth in the United States.

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Act Out Loud is a teen-led contest that encourages youth across the country to take action to help keep what you value most – your friends, freedom and fun. Act Out Loud 2014 has one project goal – to plan and host a safe teen-driving rally in your school

The Contest Scoop

We have reached our goal of 220 teams! Thank you for participating! Remember, stipends and toolkits will be shipped the week of March 17, 2014. If you participated in the two design projects and submitted your rally plan, you will receive

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Act Out Loud 2015 Announcement

Hello Act Out Loud Teams! Act Out Loud is taking a brea

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What is Act Out Loud?

What if you could help save a life? You can. Did you kn

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The Contest Scoop

The Contest Scoop

We have reached our goal of 220 teams! Thank you for pa

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National Organizations for Youth Safety® (NOYS) is a coalition of nearly 70 national nonprofit organizations...