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Glock handguns

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Glock is possibly the most acclaimed gun manufacturer of the past three decades. Thousands, if not millions of people own a Glock gun, plenty of which would agree that these pistols are the most efficient firearms that someone can own. Glock handguns are semi-automatic guns operated by short recoil. They are locked-breeched and have a polymer frame. They are made by the Austrian company Glock Ges.m.b.H. They are high performance and accessible; so accessible, in fact, that you can buy Glock handguns online. If we’ve sparked your curiosity, continue reading more about these amazing pistols below.

The Creation and History of the Glock 17

As the Austrian Army was looking for a new handgun, Glock gathered together a team of top handgun specialists, who made a list of the most desirable characteristics that a combat pistol should have. They came up with a functional prototype within only a few months.

This prototype was a unique combination of several features from older firearm designs. The difference between this new pistol and older designs was that Glock’s pistol was specifically made to be cost-effective and to extensively use synthetic materials.

The Glock 17 was named so because the model was the company’s 17th patent. The pistol passed all the exhaustive abuse and endurance tests that it was subjected to in 1982. After its introduction to the market, many variants of the Glock 17 have been offered, some of which differ in frame, caliber, and slide length.

The Austrian military and police forces adopted the pistol in 1982 under the name of P80 (Pistole 80), ordering 25,000 handguns at first. The Glock 17 was chosen from among eight other different pistols, namely Heckler & Koch’s P7M8, P7M13, and P9S, Sig Sauer’s P220 and P226, Beretta’s 92SB-F model, an updated version of the Browning Hi-Power by FN Herstal, and the Steyr Mannlicher. They were all good guns, but Glock outperformed all of them in the competition.

Glock Gun

Technical Details

The Glock 17 is a short recoil operated, locked-breech, semi-auto pistol that shoots 9 mm Parabellum cartridges. It features a signature “Safe Action” trigger system, and it has a detachable box magazine.

Originally, the magazine held 17 rounds, but smaller or larger capacity magazines are also now available on newer models. As several variations of the model 17 have been produced over time, barrel length and other features might differ between each model.

The original version was 186 mm in length, with a 114 mm barrel, a trigger pull of 5.5 lbs., and, at only 625 g, it’s considered a lightweight pistol. What’s more, it requires minimal maintenance, and it’s impermeable to water, oil, and many other substances.

If you’re looking for the best pistol, there is, you should give Glock a try. It might all you ever need in terms of handguns.

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installing chart plotters for marine,

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A marine chart plotter can make a big difference to your boating experience. But with so many marine chart plotters on the market, how can you choose the right make and model for your boat and your specific requirements? If you’re installing chart plotters for marine, here is how to choose the right marine chart plotter for your boat.

Set your budget

Chart plotters can be cheap and user-friendly, or they can be expensive products with a wide range of features. First of all, consider how much money you want to invest in your chart plotter, how often you use it, and how important a wide range of features are to you. If you’re interested in standard features, then a low to medium range product may meet your needs perfectly.

Consider your space

Chart plotters used to come in one size, but now you can get every size to suit your available space. With everything from a 5-inch to a 24-inch screen, first, consider your available space and then how much you want to use for the chart plotter. As a rule, big chart plotters are better – especially if they are a touch screen or you plan on using your marine GPS chart plotter at night as the larger size will make them easier to see.

Mounting options

Typical chart plotters can be either mounted in brackets or flush into the helm. The option you choose depends on how much available space you have and depending on your goals, can give your boat a cleaner look. While chart plotters on brackets can be removed when not in use, flush mounts have to stay in the boat which could make them a tempting option for thieves. Talk to your local marine supplier today about securing your accessories and equipment more securely if this is a problem for you.

Docked boat

Powerful performance

Chart plotters vary in terms of processing speeds. If you usually place a heavy demand on your equipment, then its best to select a model that runs faster than the rest. If you choose a cheaper unit with a slower processor, you’ll spend more time waiting for your screen to refresh which will waste valuable time.

Expert help at hand

If installing your new chart plotter is too difficult, seek expert help, and you can have your new item up and running in no time. As well as providing chart plotter assistance, you will receive expert advice on how to integrate your new piece with existing equipment, as well as your current mobile devices. Improve your experience on the water today with a state of the art chart plotting device.

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SOG Knife

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SOG knives trace their origins back to the jungles of Vietnam when US Special Forces started carrying a unique knife into combat during covert operations. These forces were part of a classified unit known as MACV-SOG. In the mid-1980’s, SOG Specialty Knives was founded, and their first model was based on the original Bowie knife carried by those heroes of MACV-SOG. Those blades were put to the ultimate test in the jungles of Southeast Asia, making them ideal survival knives and that military history and influence lives on in these knives today.

Spring Assisted Opening

Most SOG folders are equipped with SOG Assisted Opening Technology. This feature uses high tension springs to allow the user to easily open the knife with one hand. Once the user starts to open the blade, the system kicks in to finish the opening process smoothly and quickly. Rugged conditions often require a one-handed operation, allowing the user to keep their other hand free to complete dangerous tasks safely.

Locking Technology

SOG knives that use their Arc-Lock technology are very popular due to the system’s inherent speed and safety. This lock works for right-handed and left-handed users and is well known for its strength, having been tested at over 1000 pounds of force. The lightning-quick opening operation is complemented by an equally fast closing operation, and without compromising on safety. The mechanism is highly durable, and cleaning is easily done, resulting in a blade that will operate at a high level for a long time.

Steel Heat Treatments

SOG blades undergo a unique cryogenic heat treatment, reducing the temperature of the steel to -300 F before allowing it to warm back up to room temperature. This treatment strengthens the structure of the material, resulting in steel that is tough and durable and a blade that stays sharp and resists wear and tear. A SOG blade will stand up to harsh punishment and be ready for more the next time you need it.


Most SOG fixed blade knives come with all-weather Kydex sheaths which are designed to exacting standards for ease of use and blade protection. These sheaths have rigid belt loops to allow for extraction with just one hand and can be used ambidextrously. They also contain rub strips to protect the blade and reduce wear, and even have holes for water to escape to keep the blade as dry as possible.

Easy Grip Handles

SOG owners will notice how the DigiGrip Variable Pattern Handle allows for a comfortable and secure hold of the knife. No matter the weather, this material allows the user to be confident in their grip and is another big reason for the popularity of the SOG knives for sale on the market today.

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Single Shot Shotgun

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The Shotgun

Holding a unique position in the world of firearms, the shotgun is the gun of choice for getting the job done. Though they’re bigger than handguns and don’t have the range of a rifle, the shotgun’s power and the shot’s widespread make it an effective and intimidating firearm. For many shooters, it may be the only gun you need when it comes to making a single shot count. And of the various types of shotguns, the one that sets the standard for reliability is the Single Shot Shotgun.

Single Shot Shotgun

Single Shot Shotguns

Harking back to the early days of firearms, single-shot designs are simple and effective and can get the job done. Single Shot Shotguns only hold one round of ammunition, because that’s all they need. Single-shot shotguns are usually a break-open design that allows for simple and quick loading of the round. Because there are so few moving parts, maybe just a lever or button, Single Shot Shotguns are consistently good in both quality and performance. And while other more complicated firearms can have technical problems, the Single Shot Shotguns will always be a constant, trustworthy choice for gun owners.

As a popular alternative to double-barreled and pump-action shotguns, Single Shot Shotguns have several advantages. By eliminating the need for magazines or excess machinery the simple mechanisms by which Single Shot Shotguns work mean they’ll never jam. By using what is only necessary for a firearm, Single Shot Shotguns are more lightweight than other types of shotguns. That’s why they’re a favorite choice for hunters and sportsmen who may need to carry a gun over long distances. Another great benefit is that the simplicity of design gives Single Shot Shotguns more flexibility when comes to using various gauges of ammunition.

Cost & Maintenance

Because of their efficiency, Single Shot Shotguns are an easy and inexpensive choice for those looking to make a firearms purchase. The simplicity of the design and firing mechanisms also make it an easy gun to clean and repair. Single Shot Shotguns give their users all dependable features of a gun that they desire at an affordable price. This is the reason why Single Shot Shotguns are the gun of the everyman.

The One Shot Wonder

Overall the Single Shot Shotguns are the perfect gun for those who want a firearm with a no-nonsense approach. The Single Shot Shotgun preserves all the essential features of a gun without adding any fluff. Not only does this make it more reliable, and less likely to break down or malfunction, the minimalist design makes it easy for a new shotgunner to learn. This doesn’t mean the Single Shot Shotgun is just a shotgun for beginners, for it also a trustworthy firearm that even the most avid gun owner can appreciate.