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Karambit Knives

Characteristics of Karambit Knives

Category : Business

Karambit knives are an ancient style of blade that was first developed by farmers. Over the years it has spread to other countries, each changing it slightly to suit their area and needs. In the US, that change has resulted in a spring assisted karambit knife. Despite this change, there are characteristics which must be there in order for it to be truly considered a karambit.

What is a Karambit Knife

The karambit was developed in Southeast Asia for use in farming. As with all things, it found its way to the military, where it became a weapon of last resort. The blade is curved in a crescent shape, mimicking a tiger’s claw.
Frequently used in a reverse grip, karambits are a standard part of weapons training for many styles of martial arts.

Parts of a Karambit

Karambits have a simple, yet distinct, structure. The inward curve of the blade utilizes the entire length for cutting.
The handle is curved as well, usually at the same ratio as the blade, so it forms a crescent moon. In folding knives, this varies slightly and is dependent on the maker.

Finally, there is the safety ring. This feature is what makes the karambit truly unique. The user can hook a finger – either index or pinky – through the ring for added grip and user safety.


Offers precise levels of control, and uses the entire blade when making cuts. This reduces the effort of the wielder and makes cutting much easier. The safety ring on the handle provides better grip in a variety of situations, including in mud, freezing conditions, or in a fight.

If using a style of karambit such as a folding one with a spring assisted open, you have the benefits of not needing a sheath and quick deployment of the blade. The fighting style of a karambit is vastly different to a straight knife, and as such could take an opponent off guard.

Finally, the knife is intimidating. The wicked curve to it, combined with a grip and stance that claim knowledge of its use, would be enough to deter a number of fights. As every student of martial arts knows, the best fight is the one that was avoided.


Karambits can be difficult to sharpen, due to the nature of the curve. This is easily remedied by finding a shop that has professional sharpening available or taking a class to learn more about proper sharpening techniques.

They are very particular in their uses, which are primarily for agrarian or combat uses. For forest survival situations you would do better checking out other styles of knives.

A manual folder could reduce your time if you’re in a combat situation, and would be better avoided. If you’re truly interested in this style and prefer a folder, it’s best to do a bit of shopping. It would be simple to find a spring assisted karambit knife for sale, especially during the holiday season.

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6 Reasons Law Enforcement Loves Glocks

Category : Business

Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun

When Austrian citizen and businessman Gaston Glock created the first Glock pistol, he had no way of knowing he’d just revolutionized the firearm world. Sure, today’s pistol has evolved since the creation of the very first model, but pistols like the Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun have guaranteed Glock an enduring spot in the pistol industry.

From the British armed forces to the US police force, law enforcement officers from all over the world turn to Glock to keep them safe and best equipped to do their jobs.

Here are six reasons why Glock is the go-to option for men and women in law enforcement.
Be warned—you may end up wanting to buy a Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun for yourself after reading them.

1. Durability

Critics cite the Glocks polymer-based body as one of the handgun’s flaws; it is often criticized for feeling cheap or childish. However, it is with the help of Glock’s polymer frame that it is also one of the most durable handguns on the market. Rightfully, it’s known as a rugged gun that holds up under pressure. It’s rugged material can survive drops and brush off abuse in ways that other pistols could never even dream of.

2. Lightweight

In addition to lending it the gun’s durability, the Glock’s traditional polymer frame also keeps it lightweight. While other comparable pistols are turned heavy and harder to handle by base materials like steel or aluminum, the Glock stays lightweight. This is great for law enforcement officers for two reasons: firstly, it’s less of a stress on the hips when strapped into the holster to be worn regularly. Secondly, it’s quicker to maneuver in and out of the officer’s duty belt in emergency situations.

3. Affordability

Law enforcement departments are often working on unforgiving budgets. Unfortunately, the firearms that keep officers safe is not an item that should be skimped on. Knowing this, Glock offers massive discounts to police forces, allowing them to get a quality handgun for a lesser price. This makes Glocks a more affordable, more appealing choice for law enforcement.

4. Low maintenance

The less time a law enforcement officer has to spend maintaining his gun, the more time that can be spent actually enforcing the law. One of the biggest draws to the Glock is the fact that it is so low-maintenance. Especially when a gun is being carried and perhaps used on such a regular basis, a low-maintenance firearm saves an officer precious time.

5. High magazine capacity

Police officers never know what to expect—they never know if or when they’ll need to defend themselves or step up to the plate to defend those around them. Being backed by the extra rounds possible with the Glock 19 magazines is a big reason that law enforcement departments across the country may end up wanting to buy a Glock 19 semi-automatic handguns. It can add assurance and maybe even be the difference between life or death in an emergency situation

6. Intuitive safety features

The latches and switches that come standard on many pistols can actually end up being dangerous to law enforcement officers by slowing their reaction time or causing them to fumble before shooting in a high-stress, emergency situation. What modern Glocks like the Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun have done is eliminated the potentially hazardous safety switch design in favor of passive safety features. These features include a trigger latch, a pin block, and a 1.5 action. These aim to make it impossible for the pistol to be fired unless it is being fired intentionally by the person who is holding it.

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Mezzanine Platform

Designing the Right Mezzanine Platform for Your Warehouse

Category : Business

Mezzanine platforms have the potential to change the landscape of your warehouse, expanding your storage space vertically and utilizing every inch of space. You’re paying for your facility at a fixed rate, so there’s no point in not maximizing its potential.

A mezzanine is an excellent way to do just that but smart planning will ensure you make the most of your new addition.

Consider the Goals of Your Mezzanine

Are you simply looking to expand your maximum storage potential? If so, that’s no problem. A mezzanine can allow you to extend your storage up to the ceiling and with proper lift and stair access, you can make really effective use of your warehouse’s vertical space.

However, if you’re simply looking for inventive ways to get value out of your large warehouse, but you don’t have an immediate need for higher capacity, it’s worth looking at creative ways to make use of your mezzanine. Bringing your office space inside the warehouse can save on the rent costs of external office space and benefit your operation by tying your teams more closely together.

The point is that considering your needs as a business is a really important step in determining the right approach to designing your mezzanine.

Assess Your Existing Structures

If you’ve invested in heavy-duty racking, you might be able to support a mezzanine with your existing hardware alone. Rack and shelf supported mezzanines are strong additions to a warehouse, and they’re relatively inexpensive if you don’t need to acquire new structural features.

However, light-duty racking has its advantages as well. It can make life easier when modifying your arrangements and possibly saved you money.

Either way, there might be suitable options that make use of your current hardware, so make sure you factor those into the design and see what kind of savings you can make when you buy mezzanine platforms.

Beyond your racking, you’ll also need to check the strength of your slab floor. Concrete flooring has a load-bearing capacity too, and even the soil beneath the ground can have an impact on your facility’s eligibility for a mezzanine platform.

Crunch the Numbers

It’s no good adding storage space to your warehouse with a mezzanine platform if your access points aren’t going to allow enough traffic flow for you to make a profit. Plan your lift access, stairwells, and handrails along with your decking types.

Every lift has a rate of operation – you need to work out how many you need and if moving items between levels in your warehouse will be fast enough for your business. The reality is that mezzanines typically offer a great advantage but smart warehouse owners understand making it work requires a little bit of organization.

Start by prioritizing heavier and larger items for placement on the lower levels and work from there. In advanced operations, you can even benefit from adding conveyor belts or even crane lifts and automated retrieval systems to work in tandem with your mezzanine operations. With mezzanine platforms, the sky is the limit.

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Eye Problems

The 5 Most Difficult to Treat Eye Problems

Category : Health

Most people experience issues with their eyes at some point in their lives. Some are minor and easily treated, while others can involve much more serious medical attention.

There are a variety of eye-related issues and treatments to combat them, from eye drops to glaucoma laser treatments and surgery. It’s crucial to have regular eye examinations, so your eye doctor can identify and treat any eye problems as quickly as possible.

The 5 Most Difficult to Treat Eye Problems

1. Uveitis

Uveitis refers to a group of diseases that cause inflammation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eye. The uvea contains most of the eye’s blood vessels. If not treated, uveitis can lead to serious eye problems and even blindness. Treatment includes steroids to block the chemicals that are causing the inflammation, eye drops, or surgery.

2. Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment occurs when the retina peels away from the tissue in the eye, allowing the fluid in the eye to accumulate behind the retina. When there is a retinal hole or tear, laser therapy and cryotherapy can be used to prevent total retinal detachment. In more serious cases, surgery may be required to fix a retinal detachment.

3. Glaucoma

Glaucoma occurs when excessive pressure of the fluid in the eye damages the optic nerve. This pressure occurs when the eye’s drainage system becomes blocked. This can happen naturally, when the front sections of the eye shift too close together, sealing the passage. A collection of debris collecting in the eye’s tiny drainage ducts can also lead to glaucoma.

Glaucoma can be age-related or hereditary, while patients with diabetes are also at greater risk. Laser treatments for glaucoma can relieve this high pressure and may help to prevent further vision loss.

4. Retinal Disorders

Retinal disorders can block the transfer of images from the retina to your brain. There are a variety of retinal disorders, including macular degeneration, a macular hole, diabetic eye disease, and retinoblastoma. Retinal disorders often lead to total loss of vision. There are several ways to treat these disorders, depending on the disease and the patient.

5. Corneal Damage

The cornea focuses the light that enters the eye. It is the cornea that can become distorted over time, causing the focus of the light to shift. This leads to common eye problems like near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism.

Disease, infection, injury, or exposure to toxins can also damage the cornea. Symptoms of corneal damage include red eyes, watery eyes, severe pain, sensitivity to light, and visual impairment. Treatments include medication, laser treatment, or corneal transplant surgery.

Consult Your Eye Doctor

No matter what eye problem you may be suffering from, consult with a qualified eye doctor as a matter of urgency. They will examine your eyes thoroughly and help you decide what type of treatment is best for you.

With many of these eye conditions, rapid diagnosis and treatment are crucial, so always prioritize your eye care to avoid further damage and potential vision loss.

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Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks and What to Do about Them

Category : Health

What is an Anxiety Attack?

An anxiety attack is a feeling of overwhelming fear. It’s a feeling of losing one’s mind, of being out of control, and a sense of being in the path of immediate and uncompromising danger. People who suffer from anxiety attacks sometimes feel as though they’re going to pass out. They become dizzy, their heart pounds, they tremble and sweat and lose the ability to draw in a deep breath. And yet, despite the severity of these symptoms, many sufferers never seek therapy for stress and anxiety.

People who have never experienced an anxiety attack for themselves have a difficult time understanding how terrifying they can be, but research has discovered that almost everyone will experience at least one anxiety attack in their lifetime.

So, what do you do if you feel like you’re experiencing an anxiety attack? Here are five ways to control the symptoms.

  • Relax

While this is much easier said than done, relaxing your body and practicing slow, deliberate breathing can inhibit the body’s natural stress response that causes anxiety attacks. When you relax, your body rids itself of stress hormones. Additionally, deep breathing triggers the body’s tranquilizing effect which, in turn, controls the anxiety response. If you feel an anxiety attack coming on, stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath. If you experience frequent anxiety, practicing meditation techniques can do wonders for controlling panic.

  • Understand How Anxiety Attacks Work

If you understand the psychology and physiology behind anxiety attacks, it’s much easier to both avoid them as well as control them when they do occur. Anxiety attacks are scary. Often, sufferers are convinced they’re either having a heart attack or are going to die during the episode. This fear in itself only intensifies the panic attack, making the symptoms more intense. Fear is the most common reason as to why anxiety attacks occur in the first place. If you understand how panic takes hold of the body and why it happens, it’s much easier to take the pause necessary to get anxiety under control.

  • Distraction

Sometimes, the best remedy is to focus your thinking elsewhere. If you feel an anxiety attack coming on, prevent anxious thinking by focusing on something else. Some people find it useful to count, clean, organize, read, play a game on their phone, or call a friend. You can also distract yourself by physical, sensory experiences, like a jolt of cold water on the face or a pinch to the arm or hand. And, again, meditation is a great way to refocus your thoughts if anxiety is a frequently reoccurring problem.

  • Know It’s Temporary

When you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack, it feels like it will last forever. Know, however, panic attacks do end. Knowing that these episodes have a beginning, middle, and end can help you remain calm.

  • Seek Help

If you feel that anxiety is negatively affecting your life, there are many options for therapy for stress and anxiety in Garden City, MI. You’re not alone! Seek help from a certified stress and anxiety therapist to overcome what can become a debilitating condition.

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keychain carabiner knives

5 Popular Keychain Carabiner Knives

Category : Business

Everyday gun and knife carry is a growing trend that is no longer relegated to sportsmen and nature lovers. Office workers, factory workers and stay-at-home moms and dads are increasingly buying into the EDC way of life. If you want to be more confident, more prepared, and more useful every day, check out these 5 popular EDC keychain carabiner knives.

  • Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 Knife

With a 2-inch stainless steel blade coated in black Teflon, this smaller version of the Recon 1 Knife is considered by many to be one of the best keychain knives on the market. Small, sleek and available with either a tanto point or spear point blade design, the Micro Recon 1 rejects the standard pocket clip and instead opts for a key ring, making this the perfect addition to your everyday carry collection.

  • Iron and Glory Deluxe Carabiner Keychain

If your problem is integrating your everyday carry tools to save on space, the Deluxe Carabiner Keychain from Iron and Glory is your answer. Equipped with a knife, a saw and a flashlight this is a wonderful piece of equipment perfect for multitasking outside at the campsite or inside at the office. The flashlight contains a powerful LED emitter while the knife blade and saw are forged from high-quality stainless steel. The best part is that it’s all built right into the carabiner for an incredibly useful addition to your EDC collection.

  • SOG Key Knife

If your aim is to be inconspicuous without sacrificing for quality, this is the knife to add to your everyday carry collection. Ingeniously designed to look like a normal key, the SOG Key Knife packs a sharp point in the form a stainless steel blade with folding drop point. While you won’t be filleting fish or making wood carvings, you’ll find this knife to be a great tool for everyday tasks like opening letters and boxes.

  • Buck Knives Metro Keychain Knife

The obvious appeal for this knife is its small size. With an anodized aluminum handle and a 1 1/8 inch drop point made from 420 HC steel, the Metro Keychain Knife weighs only 1.5 ounces and can be taken nearly everywhere. While it easily fits into your pocket, it also includes an integrated key ring for easy addition to your EDC keychain carabiner.

  • Opinel Keychain Knife

If you’re looking for something useful, compact and stylish enough to set you apart from the rest of the EDC world, then the Opinel Keychain Knife is perfect for you. These knives have been lovingly used for almost 120 years. Featuring a rustic-looking wooden handle made from beechwood and a 2-inch stainless steel blade, it will not only draw attention for its utility, but for its aesthetic appeal as well.

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Tips To Choose The Right Carpet For Your Home

Category : Home flooring

Getting up in the morning to a warm, soft feel underneath can be heavenly especially when it is the cold, snowy winters of Calgary. Offering the best form of insulation there can be, the installation of the carpet calgary also has other benefits like:

  • Protecting kids and the elderly from getting badly injured in case they fall down,
  • Enhancing the décor of the room by adding a charm of its own to the room,
  • Facilitating absorption of sounds thereby making for a peaceful atmosphere wherever they are installed,
  • Saving the floor from the effects of the heat and ultra-violet rays of the sun especially during the hot summers also experienced in Calgary.

The popularity of the use of the carpet calgary stems from its utility but the availability of many different designs and styles, make and materials etc., can make carpet selection quite a daunting task unless the following pointers are taken into consideration.

  • Styles: Carpets are available in a wide variety of styles, each having a distinctive look. Some of the more popular ones include:
    • Plush which is thick and soft and made from a tightly twisted pile,
    • Saxony is similar to plush but more common,
    • Berber is quite dense and flat since it is made from a continuous succession of fibre loops,
    • Textured carpets tend to reflect light since they consist of fibres of different lengths and
    • Frieze, the cut-pile carpet manufactured from fibres which are slightly twisted.
  • Padding: This is one area wherein saving money would make a person penny wise but pound foolish. This is because the padding is responsible for providing the carpet with its strength, support and cushioning. It also helps to provide the necessary insulation and absorb sounds and thus should be given its due important as it is the factor which is responsible for ensuring that carpet fibres do not fall apart. This ensures both the longevity and durability of the carpet installed.
  • Budget: Today with so many options available, it is always not important to opt for one which is very costly and exclusively. The carpet purchased should aesthetically look good enough to become the best possible option within the selected budget. But it is very important to have a predefined budget since it helps customers to narrow down the choices.
  • Carpet provider: The selection of the carpet provider is as important as the selection of the carpet. Selecting a reputable carpet provider will ensure:
    • Good quality,
    • Variety of choices,
    • Expert advice and
    • Professional installation.
  • Maintenance: carpets require more maintenance than any other flooring options. In fact they are much more susceptible to getting dirty and attracting allergens and disease causing microbes. Hence it is important to clean it on a regular basis to ensure a healthy and clean atmosphere. Thus taking this into account, carpet selection done should be:
    • Naturally stain resistant and
    • Have simple maintenance requirements.
  • Patterns and colours:  This is, perhaps, the single most defining factor in carpet selection. Shades chosen must sync in with both the theme of the room and the weather conditions prevailing outside like:
    • Greens and cool blues create a clam and peaceful setting,
    • Reds and golden are warm shades which help to make a room seem cozy and warm,
    • Neutrals help the carpet to provide the required insulation and protection without appearing to overcome the décor of the room,
    • Dark patterns and shades help hide stains easily etc.

The use of fade resistant carpets prevents discolouration of the same in patches. Going green is another option which should be implemented since it creates a good impact on the environment and also keep the room healthy and clean.

Author bio: An authority in “Carpet Flooring, the author specialises in its selection by virtue of being extremely knowledgeable and proficient in this field. Thus his articles make for an interesting read with his carpeting ideas practical and handy to implement

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Management Software Programs

5 Hospital Management Software Programs

Category : Health

Hospital management software makes a mobile medical workstation cart on wheels an efficient tool for providers. Management software offers an all in one program that provides quick access to patient records, simple ways to log observations, and record treatments. All-in-one software on a mobile medical workstation keeps provider‘s involved with a patient informed.

There are several key features that help your mobile medical workstation cart on wheels work most effectively. An all-in-one hospital management program should keep records in the following areas; accounting, appointment scheduling, bed management, claims management, in-patient and out-patient management, inventory, medical billing, patient records, physician management, and policy management.

The software should offer different levels of access to employees depending on their jobs and needs. Ideally, the software will allow the hospital to network with other facilities and outpatient clinics located in the surrounding community.

Hospital Management Software Programs

  • eHospital Systems, by Adroit Infosystems. This software is for hospitals and healthcare facilities which are part of a larger network and share records and patient information. eHospital operates on Windows platforms and also offers Android and iOS mobile compatibility. Adroit Infosystems offers in person and live online training and webinars, and 24 hour live online support.
  • Medstar HIS, by Pinaacle Technologies is an excellent way to make your hospital paperless, thus producing less waste within your facility. Medstar HIS operates on a Mac or Windows platform and offers Android and iOS mobile compatibility. Pinaacle supports the software with in person and online training and webinars. Online support is available during business hours.
  • ProMed, by ProEmTech Infosystems, is designed to be used in a variety of patient care settings, such as multi-specialist hospitals, diagnostic centers and nursing homes. It comes with a variety of software and apps that help the hospital run smoothly. ProMed operates on either a Mac or Windows platform but doesn’t offer mobile technology. ProEmTech Infosystems offers in-person and live online training and webinars. They also support their software with a 24/7 rep and support during business hours.
  • SisoHis, by Sisoft, is designed for a hospital that treats a high volume of patients. It is used worldwide in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s an excellent choice for both public and private hospitals. SisoHis is cloud-based software that offers Android and iOS mobile compatibility. They offer live online and in-person training, and a 24/7 rep with online support during business hours.
  • eHat, by OrcaSys, is best suited for Specialty clinics and multi-specialty hospitals. eHat is a cloud-based system that works on both Mac and Windows platforms and offers mobile compatibility for both Android and iOS systems. They offer training in-person or live online, and webinars, and a 24/7 rep with online support during business hours.
  • Hospital management software is the key to making sure a mobile medical workstation cart on wheels is a strong tool that for provider’s offering patient care in a hospital setting.

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Handgun Accessories

4 Best Handgun Accessories

Category : Business

Buying your new handgun is just the first step to realizing its full potential and getting the most enjoyment out of it. There is an abundance of accessories available for handguns. Consumers can choose to upgrade stocks, sights, internal components and much more. It all comes down to personal preference. Here are four of the best handgun accessories to optimize your experience.

Personalized Grips

Ease of use is important when it comes to customizing your handgun. How the stock fits in hand affects how well the user is able to shoot the gun. Each person’s hands are as unique as their preferences.

There is a wide range of pistol grips available to increase comfort, with different thicknesses and textures to fit individual preferences. Grips can be made out of rubber, ivory, wood, and metal. Add personal flair to your gun by having it engraved with a meaningful design.

Fiber Optic Sights

Upgraded sights are one of the most worthwhile investments a gun owner can make. High-quality sights increase the function of the gun and also help with resale value. Fiber optics have become one of the most popular sights in recent years. Fiber optics pick up ambient light and transmit it along the length of the cable, making the sight very accurate

Fiber optics make front sight shooting much easier because the front sight sticks out, making it very easy to index. Gun owners can choose from red or green colored fiber optics. Consumers purchasing fiber optic sights should make sure to choose sights which are made for the brand and model of their specific gun.

Ankle Holsters

How gun owners choose to carry is a personal preference. Most common is the hip carry. Depending on the outfit and occasion, it might be difficult to hip carry. Ankle carry is a great alternative which allows for easy concealment while also being able to easily access the firearm if need be.

There are a few considerations to make when deciding on the best style of ankle holster. The holster must not interfere with footwear. Be mindful of the style of footwear you are most likely to wear when using an ankle holster.

The second consideration is choosing a holster which allows the owner to easily access the firearm, without any unfortunate mishaps. This includes being able to easily remove the gun from the holster and the ability to easily and swiftly raise the pants leg high enough to retrieve the firearm.

Handgun Safe

A handgun safe is a must in protecting your gun and yourself from the firearm finding itself in the wrong hands, such as small children or an intruder. Pistol safes are specifically designed for handguns.

Owners can rest assured the handgun is safe from little hands while knowing they can still get their hands on the pistol quickly if the need arises.

Handgun Accessory Availability

There are as many handgun accessories available as there are makes and models of pistols. The possibilities are limitless. In most cases, accessories can be purchased in any store that has guns for sale. Unsure of what you want? The experts are happy to advise you on all of your options before you make a purchase.

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Online Office Supplies

Why Choose an Online Office Supplier When Amazon Has It Too?

Category : Business

Shopping online is simple, quick, convenient and cheap giving customers what they want at the touch of a button, but as the internet of things becomes ever present in our daily lives there is one question which remains unanswered; why choose an online office supplies when Amazon has it too?

Taking a step back, when online retail first became ‘a thing’ all people wanted was to be able to choose a product and have it delivered without leaving their home. It was a known fact that returns were a hassle and that some items would be of inferior quality but that didn’t matter because it saved time and money.

Fast forward a decade or two and times have certainly changed. No longer are online shoppers satisfied with convenience they want more, they expect an experience and a personal service.

It’s no longer good enough for online retailers to stack it high, sell it cheap and hide behind a screen in a darkened warehouse, customers want to speak to a real person and to have their questions answered and their problems solved.

Internet Giants Are Coming to Get You

There have been many companies that have come and gone during this time, some because they simply didn’t get the balance right and others because they couldn’t compete with products that overnight became a commodity. For those that were left standing, they had another challenge to face, the internet giants.

Recognising the value of convenience online has led to some brands becoming household names – you could even say with voice recognition devices they are also the furniture – such as Amazon.

Seemingly offering everything you could ever want, they become the default for personal gift buying and all business needs. So, why are there still other companies out there? Can they really compete with these monsters that have the market all sewn-up?

The Benefits of Buying from a Preferred Partner

It would be ridiculous to suggest that Amazon are unable to meet with the needs of customers given that they are responsible for millions of transactions an hour, but what they are unable to deliver is a truly personal service.

Let’s take office supplies as an example, if you are responsible for purchasing these items for your business each month, it may be that you go to Amazon to place that order. As well as the pens, pencils, books and pads you find that you also need some coffee, some cleaning products, a wall chart and some diaries.

With Amazon you will be purchasing from multiple retailers, all with different delivery dates. Each will have a different customer service team and a different way of working. Suddenly the convenience becomes a little more complex.

In contrast, when you work with a smaller online office supplier, such as Office Monster, you have access to more than 22,000 products and you can stipulate a delivery date knowing that all items will come in a single consignment.

Furthermore, if you have a problem you can pick up the phone and speak to the dedicated customer service team and even your own account handler. Not only does this make life easier but over time you get to know the people that you are dealing with, forging longer-term relationships that in turn deliver further benefits.

Benefits Beyond the Shopping Basket

Larger and more well-known online retailers are certainly competitive when it comes to cost but what about the service and benefits that they offer beyond the shopping basket? Again, when you deal with a ‘faceless’ brand you become a number. It’s no longer about loyalty or people buying people, it’s simply a transaction.

With a personal service you can expect reward from your loyalty. Again, going back to Office Monster, this particular online company offers discounts for customers that repeat order and provides discount codes that can be used to save money or to purchase treats from their store such as sweets and biscuits.

This company also gives its customers free delivery and a no-hassle guaranteed returns policy. It also has an online price comparison function so that it is completely transparent with customers in terms of costs – no hidden extras!

Next time you are ordering your office suppliers use this as a test, place some of the order through Amazon and the rest through a trusted online office supplier that can offer you a personal service. See what experience you get from both and then make an informed decision, you may just be surprised with which you prefer.