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Diagnosis treatment planning

Category : Health

Scoliosis is a common condition of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems that is seen in general medical and orthopedic practices. It refers to a lateral curvature of the spine greater than 10 degrees, meaning that the spine and its bones are curved to one side or the other.

Generally, a scoliosis chiropractor is a professional who is well-equipped to assess, manage, and treat scoliosis and its related complications.

Scoliosis is usually present from birth, and typically first noticed during late childhood or early adolescence when the child has a “growth spurt,” and the abnormality in their spine is first noticed.
If you are concerned that your child might have scoliosis, you may want to take them to a professional scoliosis chiropractor to see if this is the case.

Chiropractic Assessment of Scoliosis

The first step in the chiropractic management of scoliosis is assessing the patient to see if they have scoliosis, and if so, the extent to which they suffer from it and its related symptoms.

Your scoliosis chiropractor will look at your back in several positions and may use other instruments as well as copies of a spinal X-ray to see the degree of curvature of the spine.

Depending on the severity of the curvature, scoliosis is classified as mild, moderate, or severe. Mild scoliosis features a curvature of less than 25 degrees, severe scoliosis is when the degree of curvature is greater than 40 degrees, and any lateral curvature between 25 and 40 degrees is considered to be moderate scoliosis.

Interventions to treat scoliosis are generally the same, regardless of the degree of curvature of the spine. However, surgical involvement is usually only considered in severe scoliosis.
Even then, it is usually reserved for patients who suffer from considerable pain, difficulties with breathing, or another major disability impacting their quality of life that is directly related to their scoliosis.

The primary method through which a chiropractor treats scoliosis is usually through providing manual manipulation of the bones in the spine. Depending on their assessment, they will gently move the bones in the spine using their hands to reduce areas where the bones are incorrectly aligned.

By adjusting the spinal bones, the chiropractic care of the spine in the scoliosis patient can do a great deal to prevent pain and discomfort and make it easier to move and breathe.
Most people who work as a specialized scoliosis chiropractor have a heavy component of physical therapy within their practice.

They will usually have a heavy focus on strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine and back so that the person is able to support their torso without putting too much pressure on their abnormally curved spine.

Chiropractic Treatment of Scoliosis

The primary method through which a chiropractor treats scoliosis is usually through providing manual manipulation of the bones in the spine. Depending on their assessment, they will gently move the bones in the spine using their hands to reduce areas where the bones are incorrectly aligned.

By adjusting the spinal bones, the chiropractic care of the spine in the scoliosis patient can do a great deal to prevent pain and discomfort and make it easier to move and breathe.

Most people who work as a specialized scoliosis chiropractor have a heavy component of physical therapy within their practice.

They will usually have a heavy focus on strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine and back so that the person is able to support their torso without putting too much pressure on their abnormally curved spine.

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Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Category : Health

Few people give much thought to how important iodine is to their health. Iodine plays a significant role regulating your hormone system. You’ve heard people blame weight gain on thyroid problems. If you are struggling to lose weight, it could be you don’t have enough iodine. Iodine is important to a properly functioning thyroid gland. An under or inactive thyroid leads to weight gain, severe fatigue, colder hands and feet, as well as other health problems.

Iodine Increases Testosterone

Even fewer men understand the impact low iodine has on testosterone levels. An iodine deficiency results in increased estrogen production. Iodine inhibits aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. This means more estrogen and less testosterone in men. An iodine supplement is very often necessary to reduce estrogen conversion to retain testosterone that the male body naturally produces.

Iodine also releases bromine and heavy metals from your tissues. Bromide is a known sex drive suppressant. In the past, bromide was given to prisoners for this reason.

We simply do not get enough iodine in our diets.

Not Enough Iodine

People used to get plenty of iodine but changes in our foods and environment have stripped us of iodine sources. In the 1970s, the food industry moved away from iodine-based yeast stabilizers to a bromine-based stabilizer. Not a good thing for men (or women). Additionally, fluoride (in our water supplies) binds to the same receptor in your thyroid as iodine does. The fluoride interferes with your thyroid function and lowers the amount of iodine your thyroid releases to your body and effectively causing men to have low testosterone levels.

Bromine is important because bromine causes the body to defecate iodine and replace it with bromine. Your thyroid hormone needs iodine, not bromine. Bromides are in medicines and cosmetics. It’s lurking in consumer products such as furniture, clothing, mattresses, baby furniture, and computers. Nonorganic potatoes contain bromine. Bromine is in popular drinks such as sodas and Gatorade. Bromides also come in nonorganic peanut butter and some deli meats. Many foods contain brominated flour and brominated vegetable oil (labeled as BVO).

All of this points to the need for an iodine supplement.

The Best Iodine Supplements

Several studies find that daily iodine intake is healthy in the range of 7 mg for men (some studies recommend 12.5 mg) and 13 mg for women. Women need more iodine for other reasons. It doesn’t limit estrogen in women because they produce their own estrogen instead of converting it from testosterone using the enzyme aromatase.

The best iodine supplements contain other healthy nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin d-3 along with iodine and iodide. Iodine supplements do much more than increase testosterone. Iodine also increases hormonal sensitivity of the brain and all body tissues. Iodine acts as an anti-oxidant, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and controls your body’s cortisol response during stress. For these reasons and other sexual and health reasons, be sure you’re getting enough iodine.

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Category : Marketing


An Amazon price tracking extension is a must have for every FBA seller and Amazon buyers as well. If you are just a buyer, this article will be useful for you too, but mainly is it aimed for those who sell on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday… there are many periods when a product’s price may drop dramatically. For a buyer, it is a great chance to get something what he or she had been dreaming about at a discount. For a seller, it is a good time to sell out of stock and make good profit, but only if he or she has analyzed the price in advance.

Why price tracking is important?

Price tracking is one of the first steps of the product research process. To understand whether a product will be profitable or not, a seller has to analyze the price changes of the product.

Price tracking should help to:

  • Understand the right price to enter the market
  • Increase price at the right moment to maximize profit
  • Plan sales and promotions
  • Plan profit, expenses, and returns
  • Know general trends

Amazon Price Tracking Tools

If you’re looking for an Amazon price tracking extension, there are many different tools available for various platforms.

The most famous of all Amazon price tracking extensions is a free tool called CamelCamelCamel. It supports almost all marketplaces (it does not support India, Mexico, and a few others). It also has a Chrome and Firefox extension named Camelizer. This tool is designed specifically for price tracking.

Another famous tool is Keepa. It has a web application, browser extension, and Android application. It supports all marketplaces.

The most comprehensive price tracking tool is AMZScout. It has a web application and Chrome extension. Both versions can track product price. The AMZScout Amazon price tracking extension has many advantages, and can give you all sales data in just one click. It is the most advanced tool. If you have it installed, you won’t need any other product research tools!

The most easy-to-use Amazon price tracking extension

If you want to track prices easily and get all the sales data in one click, then install the AMZScout Extension for Chrome. It is really comfortable to use, does not require copying and pasting ASINs, nor logging in to an Amazon account.

AMZScout was developed specifically for Amazon sellers to perform a deep data analysis. The AMZScout extension allows one to check metrics such as listing quality score, rank, rating, margin impact, ROI calculator, and in-stock amount etc. Additionally, you will see trends for a keyword, can use the profit calculator, and can check monthly sales and revenue. Of course it also shows price history. To check that you will need to click on the price in the extension window.

Amazon sellers will appreciate AMZScout’s Opportunity Score. It saves a lot of time which speeds up your research. We definitely recommend AMZScout Pro! It is the best Amazon price tracking extension. It has a free trial version with full functionality, so you can understand its value for your business.


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Category : Health

Ocular allergies or eye allergies usually occur when your eye conjunctiva comes in contact with something you are allergic to. As a result, your immune system responds by sending antibodies which cause allergic reactions in the form of itchy, red, swollen and watery eyes.

Allergies always tend to worsen during certain seasons when pollen and mold accumulate outside. Ocular allergies pose no threat to your vision other than effects like temporary blurriness and discomfort, but if they are persistent, you should see an ophthalmologist for ocular allergy treatment as continued discomfort could result in bacterial infection risk. You should also schedule ocular allergy testing to rule out other infections that come with the same symptoms but can be a threat to your eyesight.

Ocular allergy testing

If your symptoms are persistent, ocular allergy testing can eliminate the possibility of serious infections that could be a threat to your vision. Your ophthalmologist will perform an allergic test on you to evaluate environmental allergies and rule out other more serious infections. These tests will help your doctor determine the exact cause of your allergic reactions and help him to prescribe appropriate treatment for you.

If you have persistent ocular allergies, make sure to visit your ophthalmologist and let him give you the best and most effective ocular allergy treatment for your condition.

Ocular allergy treatment

Ocular allergies have become a very common condition affecting at least 20% of the American population. Some ocular allergy treatments could help relieve the symptoms, and they include.

1. Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is one of the most effective proven treatments of ocular allergies. This treatment can be effective in the treatment of eye allergies and is a preventative for recurring allergies. Immunotherapy treatment comes in the form of shots and pills and is used to destroy allergens that set off allergy symptoms.

2. Artificial tears. Artificial tears help clean allergens from the eyes providing you with relief from ocular allergies. This treatment is easily accessible even without a prescription and is effective in dry eyes relief.

3. Antihistamine. This ocular allergy treatment is effective and can prevent eye allergies. Packed with antihistamine and a must cell-stabilizer, an antihistamine can provide significant relief to red eyes, burning and tearing.

4. Corticosteroids. Steroid eye drops are another effective treatment which can be prescribed along with other treatments. Eye steroids are effective in treating allergic effects like red eyes, irritation, and swelling.

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Category : Business

SOG knives trace their origins back to the jungles of Vietnam when US Special Forces started carrying a unique knife into combat during covert operations. These forces were part of a classified unit known as MACV-SOG. In the mid-1980’s, SOG Specialty Knives was founded, and their first model was based on the original Bowie knife carried by those heroes of MACV-SOG. Those blades were put to the ultimate test in the jungles of Southeast Asia, making them ideal survival knives and that military history and influence lives on in these knives today.

Spring Assisted Opening

Most SOG folders are equipped with SOG Assisted Opening Technology. This feature uses high tension springs to allow the user to easily open the knife with one hand. Once the user starts to open the blade, the system kicks in to finish the opening process smoothly and quickly. Rugged conditions often require a one-handed operation, allowing the user to keep their other hand free to complete dangerous tasks safely.

Locking Technology

SOG knives that use their Arc-Lock technology are very popular due to the system’s inherent speed and safety. This lock works for right-handed and left-handed users and is well known for its strength, having been tested at over 1000 pounds of force. The lightning-quick opening operation is complemented by an equally fast closing operation, and without compromising on safety. The mechanism is highly durable, and cleaning is easily done, resulting in a blade that will operate at a high level for a long time.

Steel Heat Treatments

SOG blades undergo a unique cryogenic heat treatment, reducing the temperature of the steel to -300 F before allowing it to warm back up to room temperature. This treatment strengthens the structure of the material, resulting in steel that is tough and durable and a blade that stays sharp and resists wear and tear. A SOG blade will stand up to harsh punishment and be ready for more the next time you need it.


Most SOG fixed blade knives come with all-weather Kydex sheaths which are designed to exacting standards for ease of use and blade protection. These sheaths have rigid belt loops to allow for extraction with just one hand and can be used ambidextrously. They also contain rub strips to protect the blade and reduce wear, and even have holes for water to escape to keep the blade as dry as possible.

Easy Grip Handles

SOG owners will notice how the DigiGrip Variable Pattern Handle allows for a comfortable and secure hold of the knife. No matter the weather, this material allows the user to be confident in their grip and is another big reason for the popularity of the SOG knives for sale on the market today.

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asian lawyer

Category : Compensation

When it comes to your Worker’s Compensation claim, few things are more important than having an excellent attorney on your side to explain and defend your claim.

When you have a subpar Workers’ Compensation Attorney representing you and your interests, it is far less likely that the panel that is reviewing your case will see the merits of your claim. They may doubt the nature and extent of your injuries, the pain, and suffering that you have experienced, and may cast doubt on the necessity of awarding financial compensation.

On the other hand, when you have retained the services of a top Workers’ Compensation Attorney, you can rest assured that your case will be settled in your favor and you will receive the compensation that you are undoubtedly due.

There are four characteristics that are shared among the best attorneys practicing within the field of Workers’ Compensation. Selecting a lawyer who embodies these characteristics is a surefire way to ensure that you will be appropriately represented and your case will be heard and understood by those who are determining its outcome.

#1 – Determination

Determination is perhaps the single characteristic that separates an adequate attorney from a truly excellent one.

#2 – A top Workers’ Compensation Attorney will be extremely determined to ensure a positive outcome for your claim and will stop at almost nothing to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for the hardships or disability that occurred while you were on the job or in the workplace.

If your lawyer has a strong reputation for being extremely determined to win cases and doing everything he or she can possibly do to aid the cases of their clients, then they are likely to be an excellent Workers’ Compensation Attorney.

#3 – Charisma

When it comes to the legal field, there are few characteristics more important than charisma.

An engaging and charismatic Workers’ Compensation Attorney will know the right things to say to the panel that is hearing your case, and how to say things in a way that will captivate their audience and make them understand the merits of the case for providing substantial financial compensation.

#4 – Organization

The legal subfield of Workers’ Compensation is confusing and fraught with paperwork and confusing processes. There are many important documents that need to be filed on time and in the right place in order to have your claim heard in a timely manner.

Any top Workers’ Compensation Attorney will be on top of the administrative processes required for your claim to be submitted and will make sure that everything that needs to be done is done. This avoids unnecessary delays and adds additional weight to your claim as well.

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Category : Technology

As an investor, you have the freedom to choose and buy whatever cryptocurrency you like. It doesn’t really matter whether you buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash or any other cryptocurrency. However, the most important and crucial part of your cryptocurrency investment is the storage. How will you store your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies? Many popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase will provide you the option to store your cryptos in their web-based wallets so that you can store the coins in the same place where you buy. Sounds simple. Right?

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Category : Business

The Shotgun

Holding a unique position in the world of firearms, the shotgun is the gun of choice for getting the job done. Though they’re bigger than handguns and don’t have the range of a rifle, the shotgun’s power and the shot’s widespread make it an effective and intimidating firearm. For many shooters, it may be the only gun you need when it comes to making a single shot count. And of the various types of shotguns, the one that sets the standard for reliability is the Single Shot Shotgun.

Hunting season

Single Shot Shotguns

Harking back to the early days of firearms, single-shot designs are simple and effective and can get the job done. Single Shot Shotguns only hold one round of ammunition, because that’s all they need. Single-shot shotguns are usually a break-open design that allows for simple and quick loading of the round. Because there are so few moving parts, maybe just a lever or button, Single Shot Shotguns are consistently good in both quality and performance. And while other more complicated firearms can have technical problems, the Single Shot Shotguns will always be a constant, trustworthy choice for gun owners.

As a popular alternative to double-barreled and pump-action shotguns, Single Shot Shotguns have several advantages. By eliminating the need for magazines or excess machinery the simple mechanisms by which Single Shot Shotguns work mean they’ll never jam. By using what is only necessary for a firearm, Single Shot Shotguns are more lightweight than other types of shotguns. That’s why they’re a favorite choice for hunters and sportsmen who may need to carry a gun over long distances. Another great benefit is that the simplicity of design gives Single Shot Shotguns more flexibility when comes to using various gauges of ammunition.

Cost & Maintenance

Because of their efficiency, Single Shot Shotguns are an easy and inexpensive choice for those looking to make a firearms purchase. The simplicity of the design and firing mechanisms also make it an easy gun to clean and repair. Single Shot Shotguns give their users all dependable features of a gun that they desire at an affordable price. This is the reason why Single Shot Shotguns are the gun of the everyman.

The One Shot Wonder

Overall the Single Shot Shotguns are the perfect gun for those who want a firearm with a no-nonsense approach. The Single Shot Shotgun preserves all the essential features of a gun without adding any fluff. Not only does this make it more reliable, and less likely to break down or malfunction, the minimalist design makes it easy for a new shotgunner to learn. This doesn’t mean the Single Shot Shotgun is just a shotgun for beginners, for it also a trustworthy firearm that even the most avid gun owner can appreciate.

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Category : Technology

Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps (AODD) are preferred in transfer applications because their simple design makes them easy to operate and cost-effective to repair. To achieve top performance, end users must install and operate these pumps correctly. In a matter of minutes, common issues can be corrected with the right information.  Today we’re discussing some troubleshooting options for the Finish Thompson diaphragm pump in GA.

Here are six quick steps that can help you fix common problems during installation and operation.

Check the inlet air line size and pressure. Installing an airline that is too small is the most common mistake users make when installing an AODD pump. Using an airline that is too small will starve the pump of the fuel (compressed air) it needs to operate at peak performance. Upgrading to a larger airline is an easy fix that takes a few minutes.

Inspect for muffler icing and restrictions. Diaphragm pumps can generate high decibels at full speed, which is the main reason muffler is recommended during installation. The air motor of the Finish Thompson diaphragm pump in GA requires compressed air to operate.

As the compressed air enters the air valve and channels through the pump center section to exhaust through the muffler, rapid temperature changes occur. Erratic pump operation, inlet air with high levels of moisture or visible frost on the outside of the muffler are indications of an icing-related issue that is decreasing pump efficiency.

Inspect sealing surfaces for leakage. Leakage is a common problem in all pump types. A few simple fixes can ensure the fluid stays in an AODD pump. First, pumps – especially plastic pumps – must be torqued to the manufacturer’s recommended rating.

Materials relax over time, which can cause sealing surfaces to loosen and create leak paths. Refer to the pump manual for torque values, and follow the bolting patterns to reduce the threat of leakage.

Ensure proper tubing and piping size. Pump inlet and outlet fluid port diameters vary based on the flow rate required. Inlet and outlet hose sizes must match the pump’s size. A primary concern is the risk of cavitation, which can increase repairs and maintenance costs.

Changing tubing and piping size after installation is relatively fast. Knowing the correct size at installation eliminates the time and effort required to make a modification later.

Slow the pump down to prime. The Finish Thompson diaphragm pump in GA is popular when self-priming is required. If air pressure supplied to the pump is too high, the pump will change over too quickly and there will not be enough time for the fluid to be drawn into the pump.

 To solve this priming issue in a matter of seconds, slow down the pump by using the air regulator to decrease the air pressure entering the air valve. Once the pump speed has been reduced and the fluid has had enough time to enter the pump, increase the air pressure and operate the pump at a faster speed.

Clear any fluid line restrictions. Certain restrictions create backpressure that may negatively affect the pump and potentially create cavitation that will increase maintenance. Take a minute to inspect the pump and connected piping to ensure there are no visible restrictions.

Spending a few minutes up front to ensure proper installation will save a tremendous amount of time correcting problems later. Following these steps can help end, users spend less time trying to figure out problems with their Finish Thompson diaphragm pump in GA.

Companies with smooth operations and processes that are operating to specification – and with minimal downtime – will be successful!  We will help you create this transformation through superior technical consultation, installation, and support.  Call us today at (404) 647-0986 to find out how we can help you with your applications.

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metal casting design

Category : Marketing

Metal casting design in Ohio is a thriving business, and one with a steady stream of recurring customers. But for new customers, the decision-making process can be overwhelming. If you don’t understand the basics of metal casting design, you may not feel comfortable choosing a metal casting design provider, and even if you do, you may not understand the most important variables for getting the job done.

Fortunately, there are a handful of considerations that can help you make a smarter, more effective decision.  

Baseline Considerations

Before you even start looking for metal casting design providers, you should be aware of these truths:

  • Choice. You do have a choice in the matter. There are many metal casting design choices in Ohio, and around the country, and not all of them are going to offer the same quality of service (or even the same type of work). It’s important to review all your choices.
  • Cost and quality. Generally, there’s a correlation between cost and quality. If a firm gives you a quote that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Better software, better talent, and more time spent will be more expensive. Period.
  • Specific application. Different providers specialize in different applications. If you have a highly specialized need, such as a part for a specific industry, you may want to find a provider who can serve that niche.
  • The process. You should be at least somewhat familiar with the design process before you begin, including how long it takes to produce an initial draft, and how long it takes to get through production.

Understanding Your Metal Casting Design Provider  

With those fundamentals in mind, you can start making your decision based on the following variables:

  • Design and modeling software. What design and modeling software is your provider using? At Alumalloy, we use Pro Engineer Wildfire 5.0 CAD-CAM Design and Pro Manufacturing CAM as complementary tools. Better tools usually result in a better finished product.
  • Location. Where is your designer going to be located? In many cases, this work can be done remotely, but it doesn’t hurt to shop local.
  • Price. Obviously, price will be a major determining factor. You’ll want to choose a provider within your budget, but try not to skimp; going with the cheapest provider isn’t usually a good idea.
  • Experience. How long has this designer been in business? What is their track record like? Try to find some reviews or testimonials.
  • Talent. What about the engineers and designers that will be working on your project? What is their experience like?
  • Commitment. Talk to the people who will be working on your project. Do they seem committed to giving you the best possible finished product? Are they easy to talk to and work with?

If you feel you’re ready to start shopping around for metal casting design in Ohio, or if you’re just interested in a preliminary quote, Alumalloy is here to provide you with direction. Contact us today, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours about our metal casting design services—and what you can do next.