Easy-To-Use Amazon Price Tracking Extension for Getting All Sales Data in One Click

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Easy-To-Use Amazon Price Tracking Extension for Getting All Sales Data in One Click

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An Amazon price tracking extension is a must have for every FBA seller and Amazon buyers as well. If you are just a buyer, this article will be useful for you too, but mainly is it aimed for those who sell on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday… there are many periods when a product’s price may drop dramatically. For a buyer, it is a great chance to get something what he or she had been dreaming about at a discount. For a seller, it is a good time to sell out of stock and make good profit, but only if he or she has analyzed the price in advance.

Why price tracking is important?

Price tracking is one of the first steps of the product research process. To understand whether a product will be profitable or not, a seller has to analyze the price changes of the product.

Price tracking should help to:

  • Understand the right price to enter the market
  • Increase price at the right moment to maximize profit
  • Plan sales and promotions
  • Plan profit, expenses, and returns
  • Know general trends

Amazon Price Tracking Tools

If you’re looking for an Amazon price tracking extension, there are many different tools available for various platforms.

The most famous of all Amazon price tracking extensions is a free tool called CamelCamelCamel. It supports almost all marketplaces (it does not support India, Mexico, and a few others). It also has a Chrome and Firefox extension named Camelizer. This tool is designed specifically for price tracking.

Another famous tool is Keepa. It has a web application, browser extension, and Android application. It supports all marketplaces.

The most comprehensive price tracking tool is AMZScout. It has a web application and Chrome extension. Both versions can track product price. The AMZScout Amazon price tracking extension has many advantages, and can give you all sales data in just one click. It is the most advanced tool. If you have it installed, you won’t need any other product research tools!

The most easy-to-use Amazon price tracking extension

If you want to track prices easily and get all the sales data in one click, then install the AMZScout Extension for Chrome. It is really comfortable to use, does not require copying and pasting ASINs, nor logging in to an Amazon account.

AMZScout was developed specifically for Amazon sellers to perform a deep data analysis. The AMZScout extension allows one to check metrics such as listing quality score, rank, rating, margin impact, ROI calculator, and in-stock amount etc. Additionally, you will see trends for a keyword, can use the profit calculator, and can check monthly sales and revenue. Of course it also shows price history. To check that you will need to click on the price in the extension window.

Amazon sellers will appreciate AMZScout’s Opportunity Score. It saves a lot of time which speeds up your research. We definitely recommend AMZScout Pro! It is the best Amazon price tracking extension. It has a free trial version with full functionality, so you can understand its value for your business.


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