Why Sewer Camera Inspection Is Useful for Repair a Clogged Sewer?

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Why Sewer Camera Inspection Is Useful for Repair a Clogged Sewer?

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Video cameras have become valuable tools in the plumbing business. Their waterproof nature enables inspection of sewer lines and other underground pipes–in cement or under the foundation of your home—to locate clogs that might be so far into the drain making it almost impossible to see. Here are reasons why sewer camera inspection is useful for repairing a clogged sewer:

Locate and Identify Clogs

A sewer camera is exactly as it sounds like—the camera is mounted on the end of a flexible rod that allows it to travel through the pipe easily and even go around corners to record a clear view of the pipe in its entirety. With digital imaging, it allows the plumber to see what the camera lens picks on a mobile device or screen including cracked and clogged drain. From inside the pipe, a sewer camera can clearly see the clogs and exactly where it’s located, what they’re made up of, as well as any build up that is likely to lead to clogs in the long run.

No Guesswork

Video camera line inspection makes use of radio transmitters to record depth and the actual physical location of any obstructions or defect. This enables technician to accurately diagnose and solve any clogged sewer line concerns without any guesswork. Besides, the video camera is able to reveal other problems obstructing an efficient flow of water or sewerage. In such instances, you will be notified about the location of the problem, after which your plumber can make an informed decision about fixing the problem, without necessarily having to neither guess nor dig trenches on your driveway and sidewalks trying to locate the problem.

Saves Time and Money

Sewer camera inspection is a much safer and faster option than digging trenches. The method causes less havoc on your property, such as upheaval of your lawn and garden, and to your neighbors. A sewer camera inspection will cut costs that would otherwise have been used in traditional dig up of the lines. What’s more, if a clog is found, only a small dig up to reveal the affected area is made whereas, before the existence of a sewer camera, the whole sewer line had to be excavated.

Ease Repair Work

Video camera line inspection will enable professionals to see what your clogged sewer lining system is made of in order to help determine the approximate age of the pipes. This gives the homeowner some useful information about the condition to prepare adequately for repairs. Consequently, if the pipes are worn out and indeed need replacement, your plumber will know exactly what type of material to use and other materials they’ll need.

Bottom Line

A clogged sewer line is a nightmare to every homeowner. It creates a horrible smell, nasty mess, disgusting seepages, and backups. However, with video camera line inspection, it’s easy to prevent and repair clogged sewers. It allows technicians to determine conditions in a pipe, understand any existing or potential problems, and take the necessary measures.

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