Why do You Need a Business Plan Consultant for L1 and EB-5 Business Plans?

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If interpreting immigration laws has you frustrated, The Prelicensing Course, also known as “the 5-hour course,” is a … To teach for a high school or college (a NY State Education Department approved . A lot of complex detail goes into showing how your relocation to the US is necessary.

When creating that document, working with an expert consultant is the best way to make sure you fulfill all the USCIS requirements. 

Your EB-5 Visa and L-1 Business Plan: Professionally Prepared 

As with any business plan, it’s important to consider your audience. In this case, that’s the USCIS officer who is responsible for reviewing your application. Give yourself the best chance of success with a professionally prepared business plan. A pro will create a document that can be easily understood, even for individuals who aren’t directly involved in business. 

L1 Business Plan: What should they include?

An L-1 business plan consultant can present your business plan clearly and concisely. It will be without errors in spelling or grammar, and will meet all requirements. This is essential! 

When you get your business plan, be sure it explains these aspects of your business:

  • When it was founded
  • What its purpose is 
  • Who owns it
  • Market analysis and plan
  • Competitor review
  • Industry specific information 

All this makes it easy for your USCIS official to understand how your company should operate in the U.S. 

When it comes to outlining the U.S. branch of your business, you should include: 

  • The future location of your business
  • Details on any leases or deeds you have. 
  • Your company’s leadership structure, both in the U.S. and internationally. 
  • Information on your personnel included in the L-1 application. Tip: Include what role they’ll fill and their resume. 
  • An outline of job descriptions of the positions you’ll create for U.S. workers. 

To further increase your likelihood of success, include at least a few of these supporting documents: 

  • The past three years’ financial statements  
  • Documentation of the foreign branch’s status as either and affiliate or parent company
  • If you’re buying a franchise, include the buy-sell agreement

What about EB-5 plans?

For an EB-5 business plan, a business plan consultants are even more invaluable! 

Creating one is an elaborate process. One that takes a great deal of knowledge and experience. These plans are also written for USCIS immigration officials and MUST comply with Matter of Ho. They also have to introduce your business proposal.  

Because an EB-5 plan outlines a new business, you’ll have to explain your business structure. A consultant can help you evaluate your options – LLC, LP, or Corporation. Each structure has its own implications when it comes to management, taxes and liabilities. 

Business Plan Consultant

EB-5 Business Plans: What should they include?

When you submit your EB-5 petition, you’ll include a business plan to explain how your business is viable. USCIS wants to know you’ll be a success in the U.S. 

A EB-5 business plan shouldn’t skimp on details! The more, the better. That way an immigration officer won’t need to question how your business will benefit the U.S. 

The USCIS will want an overview of the mission and purpose of your business, as well as an outline of your industry. An EB-5 business plan must include: 

  • A marketing plan and target market analysis: explains to USCIS how you intend to find and target your customers
  • A competitor analysis:  this should include what makes your business unique and how it addresses gaps in your industry 
  • A plan for personnel: here is where you’ll introduce your management team and key personnel. Explain their role in your company. 
  • Five-year financial projections: include your sales and costs, budget, and the sources and use of any funds you have. 
  • Job descriptions of each full-time position you intend to create to fulfil the requirement for 10 new U.S. employees. 

Lastly, you’ll need proof of research for all your required permits and licenses. You should show your USCIS official that all the research is in place for operating your business. 

Matter of Ho Compliance

The Prelicensing Course, also known as “the 5-hour course,” is a … To teach for a high school or college (a NY State Education Department approved. It’s important to find a consulting company whose EB-5 visa business plans are consistently Matter of Ho compliant. 

Get Expert Help With Your EB-5 or L-1 Business Plan with Bargain Business Plan 

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