5 Reasons You Need PPE when Growing Cannabis


There is no doubt that cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries right now. Thanks to more relaxed state-to-state laws as well as an uptick in Free CBD Oil product usage and differentiation, the cannabis industry has become one of the fastest-growing in North America today. Getting in on the cannabis market may be as easy as growing your own plants in your home but if you are looking to seriously make a dent in the market (and make lots of money at the same time), you will need to start equipping yourself with the tools to make cannabis in very high volumes. With Cannabis PPE or Cannabis Personal Protective Equipment, you can ensure this happens while staying up to date with the safety regulations required to grow this product at a high rate. In this article, we’ll go over five reasons why you need PPE when growing cannabis. 

1. Don’t Take The Risk: Stay Out Of The Headlines

Social media has emerged as a great factor in determining which companies and individuals continue to operate and which don’t. Not having PPE standards at your company can prove detrimental if one of your employees gets injured on the job and tweets about it or posts an image of his injury to Instagram. This can lead to public backlash as well as lead to regulatory intervention at your grow site. Even if the fault rested in your employee for not wearing protective gear, the fact that you did not enforce wearing this gear with some kind of punishment can be the downfall of your company. Stay out of the headlines as well as the line of sight for Twitter hordes by enforcing workers to wear protective equipment.  

2. PPE Prevents Hazards That Can Lead To Long Term Injuries

Chemical hazards from plant nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus as well as mold reducing fungicides can have adverse effects on human skin and internal organs like the lungs if breathed in. Additionally, pesticides can also prove harmful and can cause skin rashes as well as chemical burns. Physical hazards like dealing with flammable substances and pressurized materials can also cause bodily harm and damage. By wearing personal protective equipment, your employees can avoid these injuries while continuing to work in a high functioning and efficient environment. 

Protective Clothes






3. Maintain OSHA Standards

As we mentioned in the first reason why PPE is beneficial, failure to have protective equipment can spread via the internet if one of your employees takes a photo of the working site. The regulatory body that is in charge of safety standards is known as OSHA or the Occupational Safety and HealthAdministration. They are in charge of maintaining safe working conditions for factory workers all over the United States. As a result, they have strict mandates when it comes to businesses making their working conditions safe for employees. Being on the wrong side of an OSHA regulation, no matter how minor, can result in a significant fine on the minor end of punishment and a complete shuttering of your business on the major end. 

4. PPE Protects Plants

The use of PPE in the cannabis industry not only protects workers, but it also helps to protect the integrity of the plant as well as your end product. Handling plants without a protective covering can lead to particulates and other detritus the worker got from the work site or from where he was before on to the plant. This can lead to your business cultivating a product that is low in quality because it was tampered with by external matter. Additionally, if you are handling soil fertilizer without the proper protective equipment, the core genetic material in the cannabis plant can be stunted and lead to a lower level and lower quality yields. 

5. PPE Standards Leads To A Cleaner Environment

Incentivizing your employees to maintain PPE standards can lead to a more organized and efficient growing environment. Training your employees and letting them know why they should wear personal protective equipment to protect themselves as well as the integrity of the plant leads to a workforce that has control over the end-product. Empowering your workers with this kind of responsibility can lead to a more organized environment where both workers and plants benefit. 

If you are looking to generate a healthy profit from growing cannabis, it is paramount that you invest heavily in personal protective equipment. Training your staff and equipping them can prevent damage to themselves or the plants. And since injuries are less likely to happen as a result, you can stay out of the headlines and grow your product in peace. 

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