Should I Do a Home Sewer System Inspection Before I Buy a Property in Cape Coral, FL?

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Sewer System Inspection

Should I Do a Home Sewer System Inspection Before I Buy a Property in Cape Coral, FL?

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Despite being one of the most expensive and important components of any property, many standard home inspections in Cape Coral, FL do not include a home sewer system inspection. A homeowner is responsible for the sewer system that runs out of their house and under their property right until the point that it meets the main drainage system under the public roadway. Even the simplest sewer repairs can cost around $5,000, with the total possible cost for a complete replacement reaching much higher levels. In addition, the potential damage to your new home from a broken sewer system can be ruinous, particularly if you have a furnished basement or pre-existing foundation issues.

It Is Worth the Time and Money to Be Sure

Due to the enormous potential cost of sewer system repair, it makes sense to do a sewer system inspection before you buy a home in Cape Coral, FL. If there are issues with the existing sewer system, you can either have the property owner make the repairs before selling the house or you can have the cost of the repairs deducted from the sale price of the house. A sewer system is no different from a roof or a foundation, and you want to be sure that everything in your new home is working properly, and that you are not paying for something that it broken or substandard.

It is worth the time and money to hire a sewer inspection service as a final check just to be sure before you finalize the purchase of a new home.

Sewer Inspections Are Fast and Cheap

Sewer inspections used to be extremely expensive, time-consuming and messy. It used to be that they would need to dig up the entire length of pipe to see if there was something wrong. Therefore, people rarely if ever performed a sewer system inspection unless there was obviously something extremely wrong with the system. This meant that problems would go unnoticed and unaddressed until they were extremely serious, and that a sewer system inspection was not a part of a standard home inspection.

While home inspections have failed to change with the times, sewer system inspections themselves are now cheap and fast thanks to new inspection technologies. Remote cameras allow sewer system professionals to inspect the entire length of a sewer system in the space of a few hours and with equipment that can fit in the back of a truck or van.

Small, high-definition cameras are attached to the ends of plastic tubing and pushed down the length of a sewer line. These cameras are able to create high quality images of the inside of your sewer system, which allows the operator to easily detect any of the classic sewer system problems, such as tree roots, cracks or holes.

Since it is so easy and cheap to have a sewer system inspected and the potential cost of a sewer system problem is so high, there is no excuse for not having a sewer system inspection done before you purchase a new home in Cape Coral, FL.

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