5 Ways To Avoid a Sewer or Drain Cleaning Scam in Spokane, WA

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5 Ways To Avoid a Sewer or Drain Cleaning Scam in Spokane, WA

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Homeowners that have sump pumps or who live in parts of the country where flooding is major problem; often deal with sewer related issues. Flooding can also occur due to excess snow melt or problems can occur from backed up septic tank. The point is that sewer and drains often get backed up and they will need to be unblocked or cleaned. This can be especially true for homeowners that live within Spokane, Washington.

Since these issues does happen within Spokane, there are some companies that will try to take advantage of homeowners pertaining to this issue. The following information will describe 5 ways that consumers can avoid scammers who are trying to pull a sewer or drain cleaning scam.

1. Research a Company before you Hire Them

Residential homeowners must research a company before they decide to hire them. If not, they can set themselves up for all sorts of problems. A consumer should start their evaluation of a company checking with the Better Business Bureau. They will usually have some general information on a company.

Next, they should evaluate a company’s credentials and their reputation within the business. A sewer and drain cleaning company should have the necessary paperwork on file which validates that they are competent to perform this kind of work. Customers, should also check reviews to see what past clients had to say about an organization. Once they have evaluated enough credible sources to determine if a company is valid – they can then decide if they want to use their services.

2. Inappropriate Questions and High Sales Techniques

Some drainage and sewer cleaning companies have staff on hand that will ask some very strange questions to homeowners who need their pipes drained or cleaned. If a company’s representative starts to ask questions about a person being divorced, or who lives with them; chances are they are up to no good.
If a company’s representative tries to upsell extra services such as realigning the sewer pipes or adding a protective coding to sewer piping; then this company might not be a good place to do business with. The point is that a good drainage and sewer company will not get involved a client’s personal business and they will not try and perform extra services that a homeowner does not need.

However, many homeowners might not be 100% sure about what is required for sewer and drainage cleaning. So, they will have to figure out what this process involves to reduce their chances of being scammed.

3. Video Inspections

Nearly all drainage and pipe cleaning companies inspect a person’s pipes and lines before they start to clean them out. They do this to help them get an idea about the best way to clean out a system. Often times, a company will use a video camera to perform this type of work. Normally, they will use their camera to inspect a person’s lines and this is not a problem. However, there are some inspectors that will use previous footage from another person’s home and try to pass off a really bad sewage or drainage problem to a current customer.

To avoid this scam, a homeowner should request that a company record some identifiable objects within their home. This way, it will reduce their chances of being scammed by a company who is not being honest about the film that they are showing to a client.

4. Do not Allow Inspectors to be Alone in your House

An unscrupulous inspector can put a rock or foreign object into a person’s pipes. Some have even been known to purposely mess up a drain and then record how bad it looks. This way they can manipulate a homeowner into paying more money for a job that really was only a minor problem.

The point is that these inspectors did these things when they were alone. Homeowners should stay in the same area with the inspectors while they are performing this task. This way they can avoid any problems with a dishonest inspector intentionally trying to mess up a sewer line.

5. Know the True costs for Repairs

A homeowner should know if a company is charging them the right amount for repairs. This can be determined by checking an estimate against another company’s charges to perform the same job. Make sure that the repairs are in line with the charges and that a company can realistically perform the work without having to charge a client more money for extra hours on the job.

All 5 of these tips will help a homeowner to reduce their chances of being scammed by a dishonest drain and sewer cleaning company. Ultimately, homeowners should take the time to research and evaluate a company’s reputation before hiring them for job.

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