How to Find the Best Arizona Gynecologist for You

If you’re a woman, you know that there are few things more intimate than a gynecologist’s exam room. Your gynecologist, OB-GYN or women’s health specialist screens provide you with the tools used to define huge aspects of your health and wellness. So finding the best Arizona gynecologist for your personal needs is essential.

Today we’re sharing some tips for choosing the right women’s health specialist.

  1. Ask yourself: What do I need? Well-woman exams, which are covered under the Affordable Care Act, may include a Pap test or pelvic and internal examinations. If you are going to attempt to get pregnant in the next five years or so, it’s time to start looking for an Arizona gynecologist right now. You have to think of this person as your women’s health specialist across the lifespan, so get in with OB-GYNs who you know and trust.

If you have specific issues or conditions, discuss your concerns with your gynecologist or OB-GYN, and he or she may send you to a specialist. For example, if you are experiencing urinary incontinence issues, you may be referred to a specialist in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. Each doctor possesses his or her own strengths, so if you’re having a problem, you need to find someone who provides what you need on a regular basis.

If your regular Arizona gynecologist is going to be the primary source for solving your problem, ask a few questions to make sure he or she is the best-suited person for the job. Ask how many of these kinds of surgeries he or she performs in a month and how many of them have been for women with your specific issue. Also, ask if there are ever complications with the procedures, and if so, what they’ve been.

It’s your right to ask these types of questions because you’re looking out for one person, and that’s yourself. You deserve the best care you can get, and it might just be that your gynecologist is the perfect person to handle your specialized concerns.

  1. Conduct your research. Once you’ve defined what type of doctor you need, begin your research. Good old-fashioned word of mouth, through friends, family members and/or coworkers can be quite helpful when searching for your perfect match. Research online to find additional information such as credentials, specialties, years in practice, patient reviews and ratings, and education.
  2. Ensure that you and your Arizona gynecologist share the same values.  If you’re going to the gynecologist looking for contraception options and, upon discussing it at the appointment, discover that your doctor does not believe in birth control, end the visit and continue your search.
  3. Evaluate the bedside manner. While all doctors should be respectful and compassionate, those qualities can be especially important for the professionals who will perform such intimate examinations. Sex, family planning, fears and, your overall health are not topics you want to discuss with someone who seems uninterested, judgmental or in a hurry.

A good doctor will engage in a dialogue – there’s an art to listening, and those who listen well are generally successful in their practice. Your Arizona gynecologist should listen intently, take your questions and concerns seriously and explain the reasons for his or her advice and actions.

If you feel your doctor doesn’t listen or is in a hurry, then he or she isn’t the doctor for you. While credentials, experience, and expertise rank the highest when narrowing your doctor search, once you’re in the office, comfort matters, too. Discomfort is a red flag. There are good doctors out there who want to help and spend time with you, so don’t settle if you’re not getting what you need.

Your Arizona gynecologist plays a big role in your overall health, so follow these tips to choose a good one.  For the best in women’s wellness, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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