4 Popular Surgical Sports Bras

Surgical Sports Bras

Nothing should ever stop a woman from doing the things she loves. Exercising is the key to a healthy body, and it can be incredibly enjoyable. If you’ve had a mastectomy, you may be ecstatic to get back to your weekly sessions of running, yoga, or whatever sport it is that brings you joy. In order to do this, you need a sports bra that will adapt to your new body and provide the right amount of support and comfort. Here are some of the best surgical sports bras on the market today:

1.Anita Extreme Control Post-Mastectomy Bra

One of the most important things to consider when buying a sports bra is the intensity of the activities you’ll be performing. If you plan on performing high-impact activities (like running or tennis), your sports bra has to be tailored to these sports.

The perfect mastectomy sports bra for women who like to practice demanding sports is the Anita Extreme Control Post-Mastectomy Bra. This bra provides maximum support for your breasts and prosthesis because of its three-section cup, and its padded straps are designed so that they will not dig into your shoulders. The Anita Extreme Control’s fabric is extremely breathable and tailored to ensure active sweat management. Regardless of the intensity of your workout, this sports bra will allow you to feel comfortable and supported as you push yourself.

2.Amoena Zipper Mastectomy Bra

For activities like cycling or hiking, you need less support than you would for high-impact activities like running. The Amoena Zipper Bra is the ideal medium-support bra if you plan on practicing these kinds of sports.

The Amoena sports bra provides enough support for you to practice a variety of different sports, but it is remarkably comfortable at the same time. Because of the zipper at the front of the bra, it is effortless to put on and take off. The bra’s microfiber fabric is exceptionally smooth, and its pockets allow you to wear your breast shaper or prosthesis while you exercise.

3.Anita Viviana Active Mastectomy Bra

The Anita Viviana sports bra is another excellent medium-support mastectomy bra. Not only does it feature breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, but it also has flat seams that ensure maximum comfort. Like the other sports bras, it has pockets that allow you to insert your prosthesis. It is available in nude so you can wear it under any shirt or top without worrying about the bra being see-through.

4.Coobie 9060 Mastectomy Bra

If your go-to work out is yoga or strength training, you should look for light-support bras like the Coobie 9060. This bra is comfortable enough to simply lounge in, but it does provide enough support for low-impact activities. The bra’s soft nylon and spandex blend is incredibly comfy. The straps are broad and adjustable, and the under band is wide enough to provide the amount of support you need.

No matter what your go-to workout is, there are online surgical sports bras for sale that will adapt to your needs. You should never feel like a mastectomy limits the activities you can enjoy. Find the perfect sports bra, lace up your sneakers, and participate in the sports you’ve always loved!