6 Reasons Law Enforcement Loves Glocks

Law Enforcement

When Austrian citizen and businessman Gaston Glock created the first Glock pistol, he had no way of knowing he’d just revolutionized the firearm world. Sure, today’s pistol has evolved since the creation of the very first model, but pistols like the Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun have guaranteed Glock an enduring spot in the pistol industry.

From the British armed forces to the US police force, law enforcement officers from all over the world turn to Glock to keep them safe and best equipped to do their jobs.

Here are six reasons why Glock is the go-to option for men and women in law enforcement.
Be warned—you may end up wanting to buy a Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun for yourself after reading them.

1. Durability

Critics cite the Glocks polymer-based body as one of the handgun’s flaws; it is often criticized for feeling cheap or childish. However, it is with the help of Glock’s polymer frame that it is also one of the most durable handguns on the market. Rightfully, it’s known as a rugged gun that holds up under pressure. It’s rugged material can survive drops and brush off abuse in ways that other pistols could never even dream of.

2. Lightweight

In addition to lending it the gun’s durability, the Glock’s traditional polymer frame also keeps it lightweight. While other comparable pistols are turned heavy and harder to handle by base materials like steel or aluminum, the Glock stays lightweight. This is great for law enforcement officers for two reasons: firstly, it’s less of a stress on the hips when strapped into the holster to be worn regularly. Secondly, it’s quicker to maneuver in and out of the officer’s duty belt in emergency situations.

3. Affordability

Law enforcement departments are often working on unforgiving budgets. Unfortunately, the firearms that keep officers safe is not an item that should be skimped on. Knowing this, Glock offers massive discounts to police forces, allowing them to get a quality handgun for a lesser price. This makes Glocks a more affordable, more appealing choice for law enforcement.

4. Low maintenance

The less time a law enforcement officer has to spend maintaining his gun, the more time that can be spent actually enforcing the law. One of the biggest draws to the Glock is the fact that it is so low-maintenance. Especially when a gun is being carried and perhaps used on such a regular basis, a low-maintenance firearm saves an officer precious time.

5. High magazine capacity

Police officers never know what to expect—they never know if or when they’ll need to defend themselves or step up to the plate to defend those around them. Being backed by the extra rounds possible with the Glock 19 magazines is a big reason that law enforcement departments across the country may end up wanting to buy a Glock 19 semi-automatic handguns. It can add assurance and maybe even be the difference between life or death in an emergency situation

6. Intuitive safety features

The latches and switches that come standard on many pistols can actually end up being dangerous to law enforcement officers by slowing their reaction time or causing them to fumble before shooting in a high-stress, emergency situation. What modern Glocks like the Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun have done is eliminated the potentially hazardous safety switch design in favor of passive safety features. These features include a trigger latch, a pin block, and a 1.5 action. These aim to make it impossible for the pistol to be fired unless it is being fired intentionally by the person who is holding it.

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