Tips To Choose The Right Carpet For Your Home

carpet floor

Getting up in the morning to a warm, soft feel underneath can be heavenly especially when it is the cold, snowy winters of Calgary. Offering the best form of insulation there can be, the installation of the carpet floors also has other benefits like:

    • Protecting kids and the elderly from getting badly injured in case they fall down,
    • Enhancing the décor of the room by adding a charm of its own to the room,
    • Facilitating absorption of sounds thereby making for a peaceful atmosphere wherever they are installed,
  • Saving the floor from the effects of the heat and ultra-violet rays of the sun especially during the hot summers also experienced in Calgary.

The popularity of the use of the carpet stems from its utility but the availability of many different designs and styles, make and materials etc., can make carpet selection quite a daunting task unless the following pointers are taken into consideration.

    • Styles: Carpets are available in a wide variety of styles, each having a distinctive look. Some of the more popular ones include:
        • Plush which is thick and soft and made from a tightly twisted pile,
        • Saxony is similar to plush but more common,
        • Berber is quite dense and flat since it is made from a continuous succession of fibre loops,
        • Textured carpets tend to reflect light since they consist of fibres of different lengths and
      • Frieze, the cut-pile carpet manufactured from fibres which are slightly twisted.
    • Padding: This is one area wherein saving money would make a person penny wise but pound foolish. This is because the padding is responsible for providing the carpet with its strength, support and cushioning. It also helps to provide the necessary insulation and absorb sounds and thus should be given its due important as it is the factor which is responsible for ensuring that carpet fibres do not fall apart. This ensures both the longevity and durability of the carpet installed.
    • Budget: Today with so many options available, it is always not important to opt for one which is very costly and exclusively. The carpet purchased should aesthetically look good enough to become the best possible option within the selected budget. But it is very important to have a predefined budget since it helps customers to narrow down the choices.
    • Carpet provider: The selection of the carpet provider is as important as the selection of the carpet. Selecting a reputable carpet provider will ensure:
        • Good quality,
        • Variety of choices,
        • Expert advice and
      • Professional installation.
    • Maintenance: carpets require more maintenance than any other flooring options. In fact they are much more susceptible to getting dirty and attracting allergens and disease causing microbes. Hence it is important to clean it on a regular basis to ensure a healthy and clean atmosphere. Thus taking this into account, carpet selection done should be:
        • Naturally stain resistant and
      • Have simple maintenance requirements.
  • Patterns and colours:  This is, perhaps, the single most defining factor in carpet selection. Shades chosen must sync in with both the theme of the room and the weather conditions prevailing outside like:
      • Greens and cool blues create a clam and peaceful setting,
      • Reds and golden are warm shades which help to make a room seem cozy and warm,
      • Neutrals help the carpet to provide the required insulation and protection without appearing to overcome the décor of the room,
    • Dark patterns and shades help hide stains easily etc.

The use of fade resistant carpets prevents discolouration of the same in patches. Going green is another option which should be implemented since it creates a good impact on the environment and also keep the room healthy and clean.

Author bio: An authority in “Carpet Flooring, the author specialises in its selection by virtue of being extremely knowledgeable and proficient in this field. Thus his articles make for an interesting read with his carpeting ideas practical and handy to implement