Medical Uses for Plastic Trays

Medical Plastic Trays

Hospitals, dental offices, plastic surgery clinics, and numerous other medical facilities rely on thermoformed plastic trays for too many functions to appreciably itemize. To keep sterilized instruments at the ready. Or to transport bio-hazardous organic material, and medical waste, from operating rooms to disposal.

One unsung and underappreciated field of the medical industry are the legion of employees who handle plastic dining trays on a daily basis. The medical world just could not function without thermoformed plastic trays. Here is a list of some undeniable ways that the medical industry uses thermoformed plastic trays.

Patient Meals

Depending on the size of the hospital, hundreds or thousands of thermoformed plastic trays are served to patients every day. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and custom prescribed meals. There are plastic tray tracking services that track the efficiency of patient meal services throughout the day.

These plastic trays must be collected, washed, and sanitized after each and every use. This occurs multiple times every day to eliminate the threat of spreading infection or contagion. This time consuming and work intensive use of thermoformed plastic trays is incontrovertibly vital to the medical industry. Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with surgery, procedure, or operational management.


Hospital and medical facility environments must always be kept clean and as sterilized as possible This is to cut down on the spread of infection and disease between doctors, staff, and patients. Especially when it comes to the use of surgical instruments. Thermoformed plastic trays play an instrumental role in this process.

Plastic trays are used to isolate sterilized surgical instruments like scalpels, syringes, gauze pads, and so on. There are durable plastic trays with insert cavities that are designed to contain and showcase smaller instruments. Many custom-procedure surgical instruments are packed and displayed in specialized plastic trays for ease of recognition during operations.

Medical Waste Management

According to a 2017 industry report by Grand View Research, Inc., the medical waste management industry will be worth over $33 billion dollars by the year 2025. That’s on a global scale. This industry is enabled by the use of thermoformed plastic trays.

After medical and surgical instruments are used in an operation room, they become medical waste. Plastic trays are used to isolate these items for later sterilization or disposal. Bodily medical waste, used gauze and bandages, and other waste can also be ferried from the operating room to disposal via plastic trays.

A Vital Medical Industry Component

It isn’t controversial to say that there wouldn’t be much of a medical industry without the use of thermoformed plastic trays. Its uses are nearly innumerable, customizable, and vital.

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