How to Choose the Right Marine Chart Plotter for Your Boat

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How to Choose the Right Marine Chart Plotter for Your Boat

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A marine chart plotter can make a big difference to your boating experience. But with so many marine chart plotters on the market, how can you choose the right make and model for your boat and your specific requirements? If you’re installing chart plotters for marine, here is how to choose the right marine chart plotter for your boat.

Set your budget

Chart plotters can be cheap and user-friendly, or they can be expensive products with a wide range of features. First of all, consider how much money you want to invest in your chart plotter, how often you use it, and how important a wide range of features are to you. If you’re interested in standard features, then a low to medium range product may meet your needs perfectly.

Consider your space

Chart plotters used to come in one size, but now you can get every size to suit your available space. With everything from a 5-inch to a 24-inch screen, first, consider your available space and then how much you want to use for the chart plotter. As a rule, big chart plotters are better – especially if they are a touch screen or you plan on using your marine GPS chart plotter at night as the larger size will make them easier to see.

Mounting options

Typical chart plotters can be either mounted in brackets or flush into the helm. The option you choose depends on how much available space you have and depending on your goals, can give your boat a cleaner look. While chart plotters on brackets can be removed when not in use, flush mounts have to stay in the boat which could make them a tempting option for thieves. Talk to your local marine supplier today about securing your accessories and equipment more securely if this is a problem for you.

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Powerful performance

Chart plotters vary in terms of processing speeds. If you usually place a heavy demand on your equipment, then its best to select a model that runs faster than the rest. If you choose a cheaper unit with a slower processor, you’ll spend more time waiting for your screen to refresh which will waste valuable time.

Expert help at hand

If installing your new chart plotter is too difficult, seek expert help, and you can have your new item up and running in no time. As well as providing chart plotter assistance, you will receive expert advice on how to integrate your new piece with existing equipment, as well as your current mobile devices. Improve your experience on the water today with a state of the art chart plotting device.

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