How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write a Business Plan?

When you’re first starting out as a small business owner, money is often tight. But even bootstrapped entrepreneurs deserve professional, high-quality business plan writers

Here’s what you can expect to get from your hard earned dollars when you hire a team of professional to write your business plan. 

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Here’s what you can expect to get from your hard earned dollars when you hire a team of professional to write your business plan. 

What Should You Expect To Pay: Business Plan Packages 

Depending on how in-depth you need your business plan to be, business plan packages can vary greatly in prices. Keep the following tips in mind when looking into various business plan packages so you get the most out of your business plan. 

Basic Packages


If a business consulting company has a team of quality business plan writers, you can expect to pay somewhere in this range. And it’s a great value! Startup businesses often opt for Basic Packages, because they have simple business models that don’t require a ton of research. 

Look for a business plan consultant agency that offers the option of splitting the cost into two even more affordable payment options. 

Who can use a Basic Package? 

Basic Packages are perfect if you’re looking to obtain small business loans and need to present financial institutions with documentation of your plans. They also act as an excellent blueprint for working your business through the development phases.  

Some features to look for in a Basic Package: 

  • 20-25 pages – custom written 
  • Bank & SBA Ready
  • Basic Industry and Market Research Analysis
  • 3-Year Financial Projections
  • Revisions

Intermediate Packages

$1,500 – 2,000

Intermediate Packages offer slightly more in the way of features, while still being an excellent value. It’s important to look for a package that is in accordance with SBA guidelines. A reputable company will provide its clients with a money-back guarantee. 

It’s reasonable to expect a business plan in the Intermediate Package range to be ready within 7-10 business days. 

Who can use an Intermediate Package? 

If you’re planning a more complex operation, such as a childcare center or restaurant, an Intermediate Package written by business plan writers will meet your needs. 

Most businesses such as these will require financing and investors. An Intermediate Plan provides all the key elements – competitive analysis, marketing plans, financial projections – to fulfill the requirements of such entities. 

Some features to look for in an Intermediate Package:

  • 25-30 pages, custom written
  • Small Business Association (SBA), Bank, and Investor Ready
  • Industry & market research and analysis
  • A complete 5-Year financial projection
  • A period of unlimited revisions

Comprehensive Package


Comprehensive packages are tailored for companies petitioning for investments from venture capitalists, government grants, or funding. Specifically through the SBA’s CDB/504 Loan Program. 

These entities require thorough industry research, detailed 5-year financial projections, full-target, and more. 

Who can use a Comprehensive Package? 

When you pay for a comprehensive package, you can expect to get a complete blueprint to guide your business through the challenging development stages. If you want a clear understanding of your target market, competitors, and industry patterns, a comprehensive package will be priceless. 

These packages are even beneficial to existing companies looking for areas of improvement, new ideas, and potential for expansion. 

Some features to look for in an Comprehensive Package:

  • 30-35 pages, custom written 
  • 10-14 day turnaround time 
  • An exit strategy
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Unlimited consultations and revisions

Pro tip: No matter what the cost or level of detail, it’s important to be sure the business plan package you choose is backed by a money-back guarantee. 

Visa Business Plans

Visa business plans are an entirely different ballgame. It takes very thorough, very knowledgeable business plan writers to complete this correctly. You can expect to spend between $1,700 and $3,500, depending on what kind of business plan you need.  

L-1, E2, and EB5 Visa Business Plans

Some USCIS compliant features to look for:

  • Detailed Business Plan
  • Matter of Ho Compliant
  • Complete Industry & Market Research Analysis
  • Comprehensive 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Employment Plan
  • Organizational Chart
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Detailed Target Market Analysis
  • Investment Summary

Bargain Business Plan: Cost efficient, business effective

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