Anxiety Attacks and What to Do about Them

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Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks and What to Do about Them

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What is an Anxiety Attack?

An anxiety attack is a feeling of overwhelming fear. It’s a feeling of losing one’s mind, of being out of control, and a sense of being in the path of immediate and uncompromising danger. People who suffer from anxiety attacks sometimes feel as though they’re going to pass out. They become dizzy, their heart pounds, they tremble and sweat and lose the ability to draw in a deep breath. And yet, despite the severity of these symptoms, many sufferers never seek therapy for stress and anxiety.

People who have never experienced an anxiety attack for themselves have a difficult time understanding how terrifying they can be, but research has discovered that almost everyone will experience at least one anxiety attack in their lifetime.

So, what do you do if you feel like you’re experiencing an anxiety attack? Here are five ways to control the symptoms.

  • Relax

While this is much easier said than done, relaxing your body and practicing slow, deliberate breathing can inhibit the body’s natural stress response that causes anxiety attacks. When you relax, your body rids itself of stress hormones. Additionally, deep breathing triggers the body’s tranquilizing effect which, in turn, controls the anxiety response. If you feel an anxiety attack coming on, stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath. If you experience frequent anxiety, practicing meditation techniques can do wonders for controlling panic.

  • Understand How Anxiety Attacks Work

If you understand the psychology and physiology behind anxiety attacks, it’s much easier to both avoid them as well as control them when they do occur. Anxiety attacks are scary. Often, sufferers are convinced they’re either having a heart attack or are going to die during the episode. This fear in itself only intensifies the panic attack, making the symptoms more intense. Fear is the most common reason as to why anxiety attacks occur in the first place. If you understand how panic takes hold of the body and why it happens, it’s much easier to take the pause necessary to get anxiety under control.

  • Distraction

Sometimes, the best remedy is to focus your thinking elsewhere. If you feel an anxiety attack coming on, prevent anxious thinking by focusing on something else. Some people find it useful to count, clean, organize, read, play a game on their phone, or call a friend. You can also distract yourself by physical, sensory experiences, like a jolt of cold water on the face or a pinch to the arm or hand. And, again, meditation is a great way to refocus your thoughts if anxiety is a frequently reoccurring problem.

  • Know It’s Temporary

When you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack, it feels like it will last forever. Know, however, panic attacks do end. Knowing that these episodes have a beginning, middle, and end can help you remain calm.

  • Seek Help

If you feel that anxiety is negatively affecting your life, there are many options for therapy for stress and anxiety in Garden City, MI. You’re not alone! Seek help from a certified stress and anxiety therapist to overcome what can become a debilitating condition.

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