5 Hospital Management Software Programs

Management Software Programs

Hospital management software makes a mobile medical workstation cart on wheels an efficient tool for providers. Management software offers an all in one program that provides quick access to patient records, simple ways to log observations, and record treatments. All-in-one software on a mobile medical workstation keeps provider‘s involved with a patient informed.

There are several key features that help your mobile medical workstation cart on wheels work most effectively. An all-in-one hospital management program should keep records in the following areas; accounting, appointment scheduling, bed management, claims management, in-patient and out-patient management, inventory, medical billing, patient records, physician management, and policy management.

The software should offer different levels of access to employees depending on their jobs and needs. Ideally, the software will allow the hospital to network with other facilities and outpatient clinics located in the surrounding community.

Hospital Management Software Programs

  • eHospital Systems, by Adroit Infosystems. This software is for hospitals and healthcare facilities which are part of a larger network and share records and patient information. eHospital operates on Windows platforms and also offers Android and iOS mobile compatibility. Adroit Infosystems offers in person and live online training and webinars, and 24 hour live online support.
  • Medstar HIS, by Pinaacle Technologies is an excellent way to make your hospital paperless, thus producing less waste within your facility. Medstar HIS operates on a Mac or Windows platform and offers Android and iOS mobile compatibility. Pinaacle supports the software with in person and online training and webinars. Online support is available during business hours.
  • ProMed, by ProEmTech Infosystems, is designed to be used in a variety of patient care settings, such as multi-specialist hospitals, diagnostic centers and nursing homes. It comes with a variety of software and apps that help the hospital run smoothly. ProMed operates on either a Mac or Windows platform but doesn’t offer mobile technology. ProEmTech Infosystems offers in-person and live online training and webinars. They also support their software with a 24/7 rep and support during business hours.
  • SisoHis, by Sisoft, is designed for a hospital that treats a high volume of patients. It is used worldwide in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s an excellent choice for both public and private hospitals. SisoHis is cloud-based software that offers Android and iOS mobile compatibility. They offer live online and in-person training, and a 24/7 rep with online support during business hours.
  • eHat, by OrcaSys, is best suited for Specialty clinics and multi-specialty hospitals. eHat is a cloud-based system that works on both Mac and Windows platforms and offers mobile compatibility for both Android and iOS systems. They offer training in-person or live online, and webinars, and a 24/7 rep with online support during business hours.
  • Hospital management software is the key to making sure a mobile medical workstation cart on wheels is a strong tool that for provider’s offering patient care in a hospital setting.

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